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About Us

Common Questions

What is the paint made of?

We're not surprised if you are wondering about this, but don't worry! It's just make-up. 


To find out more, click on the image to go to a FAQ which explains in more detail. 

How long does it take?

It depends on the design. Painting time is usually about 1-2 hours.


The more time, the better the result. But even complicated designs can be completed within a few hours, even for full bodypainting. And that includes being allowed to take breaks!


How far along should I be to get pictures?

Of course, this can vary depending on the person. 


The most popular time to get a belly painting is about 4-7 weeks before the due date.
Book your free consultation and design meeting early! 
Can I bring someone along?

If you want, yes! 


Espcially husbands like to come to the consultation meeting too. (They get their own design ideas.) 


And there is no extra charge if the people that come along to the shoot would like to jump into some of the photos!


Many people choose to incorporate a belly painting or henna into a "Blessing Way" ceremony. 



Getting a cosmetic-safe belly painting can be a great way to celebrate this special time in your life. 



When we provide our services, the ultimate goal is not only to execute professional and top quality artistry, but also to empower, inspire, and uplift people. When you get dressed up there is a special presence that comes out. We want to help make those memorable moments. 


Founder and Lead Artist Jeshka is a full-time freelance face and bodypainter in SF. She is also a Founding Member and Director for The Human Art Collective.

Jeshka is a Member of the International Face Painters Association.

Jeshka is the Marketing Director for Cakes and Palettes, and is the Lead Talent Consultant for Jadeye Beauty. 



RAW San Francisco Visual Artist of the Year 2014

1st Place in the WCFP online competitions July 2012 and Springtime 2013


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