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Party Entertainment

Birthday Parties, Public Affairs and Private Events

Have an event where paint, balloons, and costumes would make it even better?


Please call or email us to inquire about scheduling. 

We come from a background in performing arts to provide fun activites for your event. 


More pictures:

Package A

$100 per hour
Henna and/or Glitter Tattoos

Jeshka has a full assortment of stenciled glitter tattoos, and can even do freehand designs. 


Henna Tattoos are natural temporary tattoos made from the Henna Plant. Designs are applied freehand.

Package B

$125 per hour

Just Face-Painting or



Face-painting just requires a table in the shade, or a picnic bench.

Up to 15 guests per 30 minutes. 


Balloon-twisting can be in one place or roaming. 

Up to 25 guests per 30 minutes.

Package C

$150 per hour

2 Activity Package

Face-painting AND Balloon-twisting. It can be one activity at a time, or even both at once. 


Up to 15 guests per 30 minutes.

Package D

$175 for 90 minutes
Magic Show Package

Jeshka's Interactive Magic Puppet show is 30 minutes long. Best suited for children 3-6 years old. 

The birthday child gets to keep a special gift from the show's finale! 


You may pick one or two other activities for the remaining hour, depending on the number of guests. 

If your bay area event is outside San Fransisco city limits there is a $25 flat travel fee. 

If timing goes over the original booking time we require $40 per extra 30 minutes.

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